Every now and then there are these managers that completely lack the ability to empower their employees. Teams are developing ideas in a lengthy process. Concepts are evaluated, scrapped, redesigned and finally presented to the department head. Only, so that the department head then shugs it off with ‘I don’t like it. Do it again.’ There are managers, who even have a long-standing reputation for being whimsical and unpredictable. Well, this is the best way to demotivate a team.

Whimsical decisions

When work lacks rational decisions, it turns into a game of luck.

When a decision depends on the whim of the department head and isn’t argued properly, work turns into a game of luck for the employees. In the long run this is everything but motivating. People want to see ideas implemented, that have been coherently developed and are repeatable in the future. When in the end a whim or the weather decides, what’s the point of putting effort into developing proposals?

Value proposals

In management positions it’s important to empower your employees. That means on the one hand providing them with knowledge and information to develop or implement great ideas. That also means that when in the end it comes down to personal preferences, let your staff’s idea win. When there are no rational arguments, why not value and proceed with your employees idea? When there are solid arguments against a proposal, share them, so that people can learn from them.

Value your team

Everyone’s afraid to loose control. But especially in management positions too much fear and micromanagement can paralyze and demotivate an entire team. Especially when decisions are not comprehensive and well argued. Do not deny your team the opportunity to learn. When your team is not delivering great work, most likey the reason is poor leadership. People need tasks that challenge them and opportunities to succeed. As a manager value and appreciate the effort your team is putting in.

As an employee, request proper argumentation for decisions. Sometimes you’ll have to accept disagreement and in the end the boss is the boss. But before turning into a puppet and loosing your motivation, you might want to empower yourself and think about an exit-strategie.