The seminar Stressprevention and Performance Management is a program for companies as part of their corporate health management and is aligned with the German Standard for Prevention (Deutscher Standard Prävention).

The goal of the seminar is to reduce the influence of negative stress on work performance, and thus minimize sick days and associated costs. It supports the performance of employees by strengthening their resilience and self-confidence.  The seminar motivates participants holistically to take responsibility for their wellbeing.


Im Jahr 2014 stieg die Anzahl der Fehltage wegen psychischer Erkrankungen
auf 16,6 Prozent (DAK-Gesundheitsreport 2015).

46% der Arbeitnehmer geben an, dass Ihre Arbeitsbelastung
durch die Digitalisierung zugenommen hat (DGB, 2016).

44% der Beschäftigten fühlen sich nach der Arbeit sehr häufig oder oft
leer und ausgebrannt (DGB, 2013).


Advantages of stress-prevention: 

  • Fewer off days due to sickness and psychological stress
  • Fewer costs to bridge sick-leaves due to psychological stress
  • Early identification of obstacles for optimal job performance
  • More efficient and focused job performance

This seminar lays the foundation to recognize and reduce negative stress effectively. At the same time it enhances resilience and self-confidence with scientifically proven methods.

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  • What is stress? How does it develop?
  • What are individual signs of stress?
  • Belief patterns, responsibility and self-confidence according to behavioral psychology
  • Applicable methods and strategies of performance psychology
  • Blame, Mindfullness, Acceptance, Change
  • Relaxation methods (palliative, regenerative), movement, Work-Life-Balance


There are different options to conduct the seminar:

  • 8 sessions of 60 min., 2 x per week (only in Hamburg)
  • 4 sessions of 120 Min., 2 x per week (only in Hamburg or when booking multiple seminars)
  • 2 sessions of 240 Min. – compact. wham bam!

The recommendation is to conduct the seminar in multiple sessions. Participants should have the opportunity to apply concepts and strategies, as well as ask question, before being introduced to new information. This format has proven most effective in behavioral psychology.

German Standard for Prevention: 

The seminar is certified as adhering to the German Standard for Prevention and is supported by most German health insurance companies.


Die Vorteile

Nachhaltige Veränderung durch wissenschaftlich bestätigte Prozesse

Optimaler Transfer-Effekt durch 4-wöchigen Betreuungszeitraum

Direkte Einbindung konkreter Beispiele und persönlicher Erfahrung aus dem Arbeitsalltag


Participants and location: 

The group size should have at least 10 participants, to ensure efficient exchange among the group. Maximum number of participants: 15. The sessions can be conducted in-house or at additional costs in off-site meeting locations.

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Clemens Frede: 

Clemens Frede holds a Master’s degree in Performance Psychology (MA) and communication sciences (Mag.). With over 20 years of work experience in different marketing companies he is well aware of the challenges in marketing environments. He has also been a yoga-trainer (RYT-500) since 2009 and as such familiar with a variety of relaxation methods.

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