Much of the yogic practice is about consciousness and clarity to get a deeper understanding of the Self. In the scriptures that often sounds mystic and complex. But really it’s very simple or let’s say accessible on many different levels. What do I mean by consciousness and clarity? …Selfcare-Detox-Retreat-2017

Clarity is the ability to see and understand what’s in front of you. Seeing reality. In yoga this is called Sat – Truth. It’s not seeing “your” truth, but seeing the truth. Having clarity means recognizing and acknowledging facts, structures, patterns, concepts, connections… The list is endless, because there is a lot to recognize. It also means recognizing that most of our experiences are tainted by personal interpretation, preferences, aversions. Having clarity means understanding these patterns and not letting yourself be dragged around by them.

Gaining that clarity, seeing that clarity requires consciousness. Let’s go with the definition of consciousness as awareness of one’s surrounding. How often are we utterly unaware of what’s happening? There are so many ways to look at a situation, but we usually choose just one and get all worked up. Take practicing yoga in a studio, for example. It can be a beautiful experience of people coming together in a divine practice. Yet, at the same time it’s an almost absurd situation, one person guiding a group of usually white, wealthy women in colorful yoga pants through a movement routine. So many ways to look at this…

I am curious about consciousness and clarity in daily routines and it’s something I always look forward to exploring during retreats. New places in themselves already elevate the senses and thus facilitates awareness and gaining clarity. Taking the curiosity for consciousness onto the playground of a retreat. Bad Gastein, for example, is the perfect place to not just explore movement in a secure space during a yoga or movement sessions, but also to let the mountains, the air, the architecture, the food inspire curiosity. By moving out of the daily life and into this special space you can discover those cute absurdities that have entered not only your habits and routines. And again, you can gain consciousness and clarity on many levels. Be it simply the break from daily habits of action, or digging down deeper towards the delightful absurdities in thoughts and movement patterns.

Join me in exploring and breaking up automated processes on one of my retreats. Allowing in fresh air into the system so that with insight and unobstructed clarity you can take conscious steps towards a new sense of well-being and Self.

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