January has been soooo sloooow. Speed doesn’t have to do with season, but winter feels like the slowest season of the year, for sure. Unexpected snowfall in December and suddenly everything comes to a grinding halt. In our speed-oriented society this drives us mad. We’re not good at slow. Usually. We like fast. Instant updates on social media feeds, breaking news delivered in seconds. 

So what happens when we let ourselves sink into slow? The yoga practice is the perfect playing ground for this, but feel free to try it anywhere else. Take your time driving to an appointment. Take your time shopping for groceries. Take your time drinking your coffee in the morning. Go slower than you usually would and go even slower still. And slower still. What emerges is a moment to moment presence.

Slow opens space. Suddenly there is time to observe, time to take in, time to digest. In slow there is quality, depth and intensity. In slow there is presence, reflexion, comprehension. In your yoga practice you will observe a steadier, calmer breath and a place where mindful guidance and intuition join in unison. Movement becomes a meditative dance.

Imagine introducing slow into your everyday. Perhaps not all the time. But at least some of the time. Adding attention, presence and depth into experience. Nice and slow.