Near the office, where I currently work, there are a few empty office buildings. During my lunch break I sometimes pass by them and noticed this writing on the wall the other day: “Recognizing dependencies”.

That is exactly our daily practice in yoga – to recognize dependencies. Physical, but also mental connections. Some of them are obvious and easy to uncover. With some it takes time and patience, until we realize and can perhaps change them.

Dependencies are not always bad. But it’s important to be aware of them. In your physical practice you may observe what effect small movements in the hand have on the pressure or movement of the shoulder. In your mind, you may observe how thoughts affect your attention and actions.

Use this inspiration in your daily practice or in your everyday life – how is everything connected? On the mat there are connections between your hands and shoulders, or your feet and hips (among many others). Notice your thoughts and your actions in your everyday life: what ideas are caused by experience, values or maybe up-bringing? And are the dependencies automated, are you aware of them, do you find them helpful or should you change them?

I really enjoyed this spontaneous, unexpected note “Recognize dependencies“. A charming reminder to always be present, aware and mindful. Let me know what you find…